Residential In-fill Development

Thoughtful design and vision create housing solutions; we are proud to have developed townhomes, cottage housing, and other housing forms supporting a vibrant urban environment. 

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2015 Cornwall avenue multi family in-fill

Volonta transformed this formerly under utililtzed commercial site into an elegant four-unit townhome development honoring the historic character of Bellingham's Lettered Streets Neighborhood.

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2913-2915 Pacific Street - multi family in-fill

Utilizing Bellingham's Infill-Toolkit Volonta was able to create two beautiful single-family craftsman homes where prior zoning only allowed for duplex.

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1270 Xenia street - single family in-fill

Built on existing land fully serviced by City infrastructure this Craftsman home was an excellent addition to the Whatcom Falls Neighborhood.

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Custom Homes

Working with clients who value quality and attention to detail Volonta has helped dream projects become reality. Please contact us for more detail on our custom home building.

Pictured below are two separate custom residential project.

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